Making a difference with our services

Through our in-house machineries, CosmoSteel provides pipe roll grooving and product customisation services to modify the sizes and thread dimensions of our products to meet specific engineering and fabrication designs and requirements of our customers.

To ensure high product quality, we also provide in-house validation and testing services as well as third-party testing and inspection for materials that require Hydrogen Induction Cracking or Sulfide Stress Cracking. Our range of in-house Non-Destructive Testing includes alloy verification, dye penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, UT testing for lamination and longitudinal or transverse defects, wall thickness check and ferrite content check, amongst others.

Tapping on our strategic alliances with Hanwa and other international suppliers, CosmoSteel is able to offer expedited delivery services for time-sensitive projects and material grades that are difficult to source.

CosmoSteel also offers project management services to customers, a complementary set of value-adding service that propels our service excellence to the next level. As part of this suite of services, we provide procurement and expediting services for the specific materials required by customers as well as inventory management services to customers without warehouse or storage facilities. Our project management services also include just-in-time delivery according to customers’ requirements and logistics arrangements for expedited deliveries, both of which yield significant time and storage cost savings for our customers.